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migrazine - Online Magazine by Migrant Women* for Everyone is a multilingual magazine and alternative media platform that deals with migration-related phenomena as well as socio-political issues. migrazine went online for the first time in 2009, published by maiz (Autonomous Center by & for Migrant Women) in Linz, Austria, born out of a desire to make critical migrant voices more audible in the media and to stand up against the clichéd portrayal of migrants.

University of Ignoramuses

To give more space to utopias and to the discussions surrounding the epistemic dimension of our praxis, maiz decided to found the University of Ignoramuses. The starting point of our university is the realization that everyone is ignorant, as long as bodies of knowledge are possessed and knowledge continues to be produced without a critical reflection of the power dimension and the violent processes of legitimization and de-legitimization of knowledge and without implementing the resulting consequences in praxis. Our utopia is the collaborative production of contra- hegemonic knowledge.


Active participation of migrant women in cultural work – starting with the development phase to the point of the realization of a cultural project – plays an important part regarding the development of political articulation.


maiz produziert auch in eigenen Medien. Mit eigenen Veröffentlichungen im Diskurs über Migration, Gender, Arbeitswelt, Antirassismus, Bildung u.a. bezieht maiz kritisch Stellung: "Wir übernehmen bewusst unsere Definitionsmacht als Wissensproduzentinnen!" (Caixeta)

Weiters produziert maiz im maiz_studio in Kooperation mit dorftv und Radio FRO eigene Fernsehsendungen und Videobeiträge und eigene Audio- und Radiobeiträge.