maiz is an association independent of political parties, churches and other institutions.

The work of maiz is essentially based on the self-organization of migrants, beyond neoliberal concepts (we firmly reject terms such as "self-management" or "mainstreaming").

Collective self-empowerment
We critically engage with existing power structures in order to change them.

Feminist & critical action
maiz is involved in the construction and realization of a practice that advocates for a society that does not define itself as white, western European, patriarchal, (post-)colonialist and heterosexual.

Ethical outrage
is the basis for our political action.

Participation & self-representation
We demand the equal participation of migrants in political, cultural and social life and their involvement in political decision-making processes.

Sex work is work
We advocate for the recognition of sex work as gainful employment.

Equal privileges for everyone & the right not to have to be alike
We want legal, political, economic and social conditions that enable all people – regardless of their social and geographic origin, gender and sexual orientation – to live in Austria without any form of discrimination.

No one is "tabula rasa"
Migrants do not come to Austria as a blank slate. They have knowledge, education and skills that need to be recognised.

We demand an unconditional basic income and free access to the labor market for everyone.

Never again an Austria without us, Austria with us...