There has been extensive coverage of maiz in the media as well as in academic publications. maiz, in its own publications, takes a critical stance within the discourse on topics such as migration, gender, the workforce, anti-racism, and education, stating, “We deliberately embrace our role as creators of knowledge!” (Caixeta).

In addition to various informational materials detailing its activities and annual priorities, maiz also publishes “Cupiditas”, an information sheet for sex workers in Austria, which has been consistently published in four languages since 1999. maiz is also the driving force behind “maizone”, a newspaper project created by and for young migrants, released annually, as well as “,” the multilingual “online magazine by migrants for everyone,” currently published quarterly.

Our list of publications encompasses:

  • Manuals and articles authored by maiz staff, featured in various germanophone and international journals and books.

  • Journal articles and scholarly contributions by external authors focusing on maiz.

  • Specialized articles covering topics within our areas of expertise, generously contributed by various authors.

We welcome new contributions! Feel free to reach out to us for text or interview requests at