Autonomy: maiz is independently run. maiz is not affiliated with any party, church or other form of organization.

Self-organization: The first and foremost requirement for our work is that we are self-organized. maiz is a self-organization run by migrant women with an acute awareness and critical distance from neoliberal ideas.

Collective Self-Empowerment: We address the existing structures of power and domination critically in order to change them.

Feminist and Critical Action: maiz is involved in creating and realizing practices that are not formulated according to white, western European, patriarchal, (post)colonial or heterosexual ideas.

Ethical Outrage is at the basis of our political engagement

Participation and Self-Representation: Equal rights to participation for migrant women in political, cultural and social life and the inclusion of migrant women in political decision-making processes.

Sex Work is Work: Legal recognition of sex work as a form of gainful employment.

The Same Privileges Must Apply to All & The Right To Not Have To Be the Same: Providing the legal, political, economic and social conditions to ensure everyone in Austria—regardless of their social or geographical background, their gender or sexual orientation—to live without discrimination.

No One Is “tabula rasa”: Migrants do not come to Austria in a state of tabula rasa. It is imperative that the knowledge, education and skills of migrants be recognized.

Work: Unconditional basic income and a lifting of all barriers to the labor market for all