December 2011


autonomous center from & for migrants

Opening hours:
MO  9 - 14 Uhr
DI    9 - 14 Uhr
MI    9 - 14 Uhr
DO  9 - 14 Uhr

Scharitzerstraße 6-8 / 1. Stock
4020 Linz
+43 (0)732 890204

funding bodies

maiz’s work was funded in 2011 by the following bodies:




BKA – Frauenangelegenheiten und Gleichstellung 

BM:UKK - Sektion IV - Kultur

BM:UKK – Sektion II - Erwachsenenbildung

BM  f. Gesundheit

BM  f. Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend

Europäische Kommission (Daphne III)

maiz education

maiz’s educational activities are aimed at migrant women and youth in order to support them both linguistically and socio-culturally for the demands of everyday life as well as for the labor market.

maiz areas

maiz wants to create female space and offers spaces where women can connect, share and gain further education. Our services are used by women from over 50 different countries.

We always understand our work, particularly in education and counseling, as promoting a process of self-awareness which supports women to abandon the victim role and to fully participate as active protagonists in society.

The women in our target group come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, our work requires special approaches, methods, strategies and materials.