Community Gardening: Planting our future!

yard full with plants in different pots

In 2023 our proposal is to open spaces of persistence through active care and collective responsibility for our social, political and ecological environment. The space we want to provide is meant for shared/networked knowledge, where no one is "tabula rasa", but rather an important part of a dialogue to learn from each other's experiences, in an intergenerational exchange that stimulates empirical and research approaches. It is important to us that migrant women*, who often have full-time jobs and domestic responsibilities, create spaces of community where they can connect with outdoor natural spaces. Given the urgency of the environmental issue and the fact that gardening is an act of collective care of our living space, we propose a project around community gardening. Gardening is not only a source of food, but also of joy, learning and networking. 

The garden reflects the possibilities of connection, of collective action where theory and practice meet. Garden as a visualization of the complexity of processes in the sense of planning/preparation, planting, providing, etc. (symbiosis) and interdependence (sun, water, care) and garden as a place of defocusing from the individual level towards community.

Gardening is present in every culture. Working and learning with and from nature is a therapeutic practice that increases our capacities for empathy, patience and, above all, generosity, because it is a rewarding activity. To communicate and share the knowledge associated with this perspective within the project, we have women* with different stories, experiences, and knowledge to share, including what has worked for them while living in the in the Upper Austria ecosystem.

This proposal aims to create a sustainable open space for learning and sharing with participants* as well as maiz staff. A person with expertise (garden_ and herb educator) will accompany the group at some points. However, the idea is to make this space a place where everyone can share their knowledge.

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may-december 2023