Kick-Off maiz 30th Anniversary!

Lovehaus in linz

At MUME (nomadic Anti-Museum)... maiz- Autonomous Center for and by migrant women*- aims to give visibility to and strengthen the struggle for the recognition of sex workers' rights. It was 30 years ago, that the demands of migrant sex workers laid the foundations for iniciating the organisation of maiz. This event is to celebrate their paths, and struggles that have shaped us ever since.

We want to share stories, raise tensions and contradictions, and affirm that another world is possible and it is being (re)created everyday. We resist and call on everyone: Fight with us, celebrate with us, desire with us. There is no feminism without sex workers!


17:00 Introduction by maiz and das Kollektiv

17:30 Launch Cupiditas, Issue 24

17:45 Reading: „The Case for Decriminalization - An Anecdotal Account“ by The Incredible, Edible, Akynos (in English)

18:00 Speech by Trajche- ESWA (in English)

18:20 Filmscreening „Sexarbeit und Beziehung“ by Aaron und sugar pa! (English/ German)

18:50 Collective Food & Exchange

19:30-21:00 Dj Xell